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Cadence was engaged by sports market powerhouse, rEvolution Marketing, to create the Under Armour interactive space for over 100,000 fans at the Superbowl NFL Experience. When a last minute plus-up to the sponsorship provided Under Armour with the opportunity to build the space, Cadence had only 45 days to concept, detail and build the environment. Incorporating partnerships with 5 other agencies, the space brought the UA retail, social, and digital experience to life. Cadence pulled together their team of engineers and craftsman to build an experience centered around a mock NFL combine, which included a functional registration, social media promotion, fan engagement for the “Out Ray” Ray Lewis promotion, and retail sales. Cadence provided structural and lighting design, fabrication, and install and dismantle services to support the rEvolution Marketing team.

Project Highlights

  • Created 3D fly-through animations and rendering for rEvolution Marketing.
  • Integrated seamlessly with rEvolution Marketing’s creative team.
  • Fabricated all properties, Per UA standards, with real metal, glass, no plastic or laminate. Specified and procured special low-iron, blue edge glass for custom built retail casework.
  • Designed and built custom sound studio for the Out Ray Ray Lewis Experience.
  • Provided all IT, network, electrical, and cabling for over 60 devices in the space.
  • Provided RFID interfaces for attendee check in and registration.
  • Provided installation labor, freight, electrical and power, booth services, lighting design and audio visual.
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