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Pepsi wanted a partner to create an event that would bring the sales force together to experience innovations first-hand and infuse a renewed sense of excitement for the upcoming year. Cadence came on board to infuse a renewed sense of excitement around some of the most beloved brands while arming the team with everything they needed to get retailers on board and translate passion into profits. This 14-year relationship has extended into many other assignments

Cadence developed a series of brand lounges for a more impactful sampling experience. This included creating an orange grove for Tropicana, a stadium set-up for Gatorade and more to replicate authentic environments.

Project Highlights

  • Developed the overall content of the show which included executive speeches and a comprehensive creative treatment to support the master brand as well as individual product brands.
  • Built new processes for product sampling that ranged from storing product in Cadence’s FDA-certified warehouse to keeping R&D secrets under lock-and-key until they were ready for prime time.
  • Renegotiated contracts with event venues to allow Pepsi to bring in its own products for refreshments and mealtimes.
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