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Knob Creek Barrells

Jim Beam Bourbon Legends Boxcar Tour

Background In partnership with Geometry and Gradient, Cadence has provided design, fabrication, and installation and dismantle for the multi-city event since 2018. Covering over 11 stops across the country, the consumer experience immerses consumers into the story of the four…

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Under Armour

Background Cadence was engaged by sports market powerhouse, rEvolution Marketing, to create the Under Armour interactive space for over 100,000 fans at the Superbowl NFL Experience. When a last minute plus-up to the sponsorship provided Under Armour with the opportunity…

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Background With a need to change the traditional meeting format to better meet audience needs, Cadence developed a revolutionized approach to the Mercedes-Benz National Parts and Service Managers’ Meeting that has maintained the brand’s “The Best or Nothing” standard year…

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Background Pepsi wanted a partner to create an event that would bring the sales force together to experience innovations first-hand and infuse a renewed sense of excitement for the upcoming year. Cadence came on board to infuse a renewed sense…

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Background Cadence partnered with Alvalle and the Pepsi Design Team to create “La Gazpacheria,” a pop-up restaurant. This 50’x17’ outdoor restaurant welcomed attendees at the America’s Cup Event at Chicago’s Navy Pier. This concept was the perfect setting to engage…

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