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Bringing People Together Safely.

LIVE events are changing...we are here to help you through it.

All of us at Cadence, Inc. believe in the power of LIVE events. We believe that there is no substitute for gathering, meeting, teaching and learning face-to-face. Our passion is bringing people together SAFELY. We choose to be a leader in bringing back LIVE events using technology and expert planning to help ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Our team of experts know how to plan a gathering where social distancing, temperature checks, and safety accessories like masks and gloves are key to the future success of LIVE events. We can also provide solutions to help our clients interact now with virtual event options and LIVE/virtual hybrid events. We can work with you on local events while travel restrictions remain a barrier for the industry at large. Our creativity, planning expertise and best-in-class solutions are what you can rely on during this period of change.

Cadence, Inc delivers a unique experience, from start to finish:

  • Meeting planning
  • Event production & logistics
  • The creative power of a full design agency
  • Digital technology
  • Custom fabrication

Cadence, Inc is working diligently on LIVE event solutions with the belief that our economy will soon open up, recover and flourish. While the meeting and event planning divisions of Cadence are working from home, our store fixture and display fabrication is operational. We provide cabinetry, displays, and signage for ongoing commercial construction and remodeling projects, typically custom built for branded environments. In anticipation of our industry re-opening, our facility is currently building and shipping fixtures while working closely with sports stadiums, event producers, and retail operations.

We know in the most certain terms that we, the people, as a society, and as an entire force of progressive thinkers looking to accomplish great things, need to get back to work. Our world will be operational again soon and we look forward to working side-by-side with you.

Steve Auer, CEO and Owner of Cadence-Inc. & The Cadence Team

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